Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Creepy Crawly Wreath

Here's what you will need to make this fun Halloween inspired wreath, modeled by Maizee, one of my three adorable nieces.

-grapevine wreath (available in many sizes at your local craft store, I got mine at Michaels)

-black spray paint (I prefer Design Master flat black 725)

-hot glue gun

-assorted spiders, cockroaches, centipedes, bats, and snakes (I recommend the dollar store)

-black ribbon (also purchased at the dollar store)

- 1 twist tie


1. Spray wreath outside, over scrap cardboard, on one side, making sure to get all angles and cover branches well on outside and inside areas of wreath.  Let dry for 20 minutes.  Turn wreath over and spray other side at all angles, let dry for 20 minutes.  Flip over and do a second coat on the first side, and then the second side leaving 20 minutes dry time in between, and making sure all surfaces are covered in black paint.

2. Attach any snakes first, no glue gun required, as they can just be pulled and woven between vines.  Affix the other crawlies as desired with hot glue gun, holding each individual crawly for a minute or so, while glue sets.

3. Tie bow in desired style and affix it to wreath with twist tie.

4. Hang on door to ward off solicitors.

Happy Halloween: 28 days and counting!!

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