Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deck the Halls

I make a terrible blogger because I'm so bad at documentation.  I always get so caught up in the moment I forget to take photos.  I like to say I live in the moment, not in the memory.  So besides my friend and I forgetting to take photos of each other in our costumes before the Scream Awards (there was no phones or cameras allowed inside, and only later did we realize how many people totally disregarded this rule, as should have we)  I also completely forgot to take any photos of my lovely spread at my annual Scary Movie party.  So before this Halloween Month is over I thought I should at least share some of the decor I've put out this season.

These terra cotta ceramic pumpkins go great with our mexican tiles on the porch.

I always like to break out any Halloween related books for the coffee table.  There's a black owl hiding in the cage, which is actually a votive holder I found at Target in the candle section, not marketed as a Halloween item.  The "urn" is an antique vase.

This candle holder from Pier 1 is also not an actual Halloween decoration, but with some black crows it transforms into one.  My dog Domino must have seen a ghost!

This is "Lumpy" which I acquired at Knotts Halloween Haunt this year, and little Michael Myers which I purchased at Rob Zombie's Halloween Town in Burbank.  I also had gotten a little Jason which was given away as one of my party prizes.

And "Mrs. Slim Goodbody" was a gift several years ago from a dear friend.

A severed hand from my Halloween costume has served many purposes this year from smuggling snacks and liquor, to holding a bar of soap in the bathroom.

Some of the blood jar votives I posted about previously.

My dining table looks like Halloween barfed on it.  It's kind of hard t make this room look spooky because it's so light and full of warm wood.

I found the skeleton lights in the dollar section of Target, which turned my Halloween tree into a lamp.

I love these ornaments that are reminiscent of the characters in Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas.  They sell them at Pier 1 and I always pick up a few new ones when they go on sale after Halloween.  Speaking of Tim Burton, tomorrow is the last day to see his exhibit at LACMA in Los Angeles, so if you have the chance do go!  It was everything I dreamed of and more, Tim Burton is such a visonary!

A somewhat failed attempt at photographing the illuminated votive jars.

Here's kind of the aftermath of part of my party spread.

I had a great bar setup too, but alas I did not capture it.  I can't believe I'm going to have to tear this all down the day after tomorrow.  I have a few more Halloween posts coming though.  I plan to dress up tomorrow (AND TAKE PICTURES!!) even though I have absolutely nothing planned.  I wish we got trick or treaters, but we don't.  Our street is way to dark and all the kiddies here go to Malibu West.

Happy Halloween everybody!!

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