Saturday, October 29, 2011

Green Halloween: New Uses for Old Things

I've been washing and saving jars instead of recycling them because of this great idea for halloween votive holders I got from Creepy Cupcakes.  I made about ten this year and I want to keep making them in various sizes for future years, because they look great in cluttered groupings, on windowsills or lighting entry paths and porch steps.  With the flameless candles you can do so without the worry of burning down your home.  Costco has a great set of remote control operated ones I've been smitten with this Halloween season, as it makes it so easy to turn them all off before retiring to bed.

They look amazing and grimy when flickering in the dark, though I wasn't able to photograph them well to show this.  The look is very reminiscent of something you'd find in the kitchen of the the farm house in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the basement in American Horror Story.  You can add body parts, bugs, or even nails inside along with the candles to up the creepy factor.

Another item I've been hoarding is the plastic zippered bags that linens come in. Of course these are a bit harder to come by, unless you are one to redecorate your bedrooms frequently, so I've asked for friends and family to save these for me.  These nifty little storage bags work great for me to package my homemade Halloween costumes each year.  I can keep everything together and ready to go, should I wear it again, or loan it to a friend in need.  I spend so much time on my costumes, it makes sense to preserve them this way for future wear, or even archival purposes.  The clear card slots are perfect for sliding in a photo of you in the costume, and the end result is just like a costume shop product for purchase, only better.

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