Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beast with Bangs

This is Solomon, my brother-in-law's Old E, hanging out in our backyard showing off his new haircut.  He was whipping his head around, but usually they fall forward so you can't even see his eyes.  He has one brown one and one white-ish blue one.  After this series of pictures he attacked me.  We call him the Solomonster because he gets a little wild.  I think it's the crazy blue eye.  He's a good dog though.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Office Space

I was kind of waiting until completion, to do a full reveal of my home office.  However with my current budget, progress has been at a standstill. :(  So without further ado, here it is in all it's unfinished glory:

To-do list includes:
1. flat screen tv adjacent to desk
2. twin black chandeliers above desk
3. get hubby's organ out and put in narrow console table below window
4. hang art on floor
5. paint touch ups (BTW I used a Martha Steward shade: Hummingbird)


I'm definitely a dog person, but this recent Target run might have me turning into a crazy cat lady: Hello Kitty duct tape and Kitty Kitty nail polish strips (Yes, I finally found them and bought all 3 in stock!)  Now, off to find things in need of duct tape...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Spring!

It has been a long winter here in the usually warm and sunny Los Angeles (and a long time since I've posted-sorry!)  I am so glad spring is here and summer is on it's way.  I decorated for easter with my chocolate bunny terrariums before a trip to Portland, and returned two weeks later to find the scene of JFK's assassination, due to a poor location choice with too much sun exposure.  If I only had involved a few Peeps (pink for Jackie?) I could have submitted it to Peeps Show IV.  Honestly, I wasn't to happy with the grassy knoll... the green M&M's alluded me this year, so I went with easter grass, the traditional plastic-y kind from my childhood easter baskets.  It didn't pack down well and anchor the bunnies, and it just looked awful.  So when presented with the opportunity to give it a second shot, I tried something new.

In my office (above) I filled the bottoms of the jars with pastel easter M&M's, then layered on paper easter grass, and then the chocolate bunnies surrounded by Whoppers eggs, and some faux robin eggs from Pottery Barn.  Putting the M&M's on the bottom was a smart move on my part because it made it impossible to get to them without ruining the whole display.

In the living room I did jars on our coffee table sans M&M's but used some more cartoony characterized bunnies, which my husband described as "scary".  I added some Lindt chocolate carrots, and a 3rd jar of just the Whoppers for guests to eat, though someone has been sneaking carrots.

xoxo Lux