Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Spring!

It has been a long winter here in the usually warm and sunny Los Angeles (and a long time since I've posted-sorry!)  I am so glad spring is here and summer is on it's way.  I decorated for easter with my chocolate bunny terrariums before a trip to Portland, and returned two weeks later to find the scene of JFK's assassination, due to a poor location choice with too much sun exposure.  If I only had involved a few Peeps (pink for Jackie?) I could have submitted it to Peeps Show IV.  Honestly, I wasn't to happy with the grassy knoll... the green M&M's alluded me this year, so I went with easter grass, the traditional plastic-y kind from my childhood easter baskets.  It didn't pack down well and anchor the bunnies, and it just looked awful.  So when presented with the opportunity to give it a second shot, I tried something new.

In my office (above) I filled the bottoms of the jars with pastel easter M&M's, then layered on paper easter grass, and then the chocolate bunnies surrounded by Whoppers eggs, and some faux robin eggs from Pottery Barn.  Putting the M&M's on the bottom was a smart move on my part because it made it impossible to get to them without ruining the whole display.

In the living room I did jars on our coffee table sans M&M's but used some more cartoony characterized bunnies, which my husband described as "scary".  I added some Lindt chocolate carrots, and a 3rd jar of just the Whoppers for guests to eat, though someone has been sneaking carrots.

xoxo Lux


  1. YAY! Its about time you posted something! Hahaha. Love it!

  2. I too have been waiting for the "what I learned while away" issue ;)