Thursday, October 13, 2011

And I always thought I had blue eyes!

So I ordered my halloween contacts over a month ago, but didn't bother trying them out until tonight and was sorely disappointed.  The color is called "zombie grey"and I was expecting something like this:

But here is a before and after of me wearing the contacts:

Can you tell the difference?  My husband didn't even know I had them in!  I don't know what to do now, as I don't have enough time to order a new pair and get them before Saturday.  I don't think I'll wear these though, it seems like a lot of trouble wearing uncomfortable contacts for so little drama.  I looked in my email for my order information, but it was deleted long ago, and I can't remember which online store I got them from to complain.  They probably would have made me blind anyways so maybe I'm better off not wearing them.

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