Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Die For: Skeletal fashion you WOULD be caught dead in

Let's face it, skulls and bones are never going to go away in fashion.  As a designer I've actually gotten very sick of the skull/skeleton/ribcage icon, as the more popular it's become, the pieces have become, generic, ugly, and down right tacky.  However there are still some beautiful ways to wear bones without looking like an Affliction/Ed Hardy fashion victim or a death obsessed teenager.

DSQUARED2 Fall 2010

DSQUARED2 Fall 2010

I love love love DSQUARED2's Fall 2010 collection.  I actually managed to get my hands on the glitter booties in silver, but unfortunately they were too large and I was unable to obtain the correct size.  Woe is me.  The spinal heel is even more macabre!

Sakadit Road skeleton bracelet

This Sakadit Road skeleton bracelet is gorgeous!

Rodarte for Target 2009 sequin skeleton dress

I loved Rodarte's Target collection, and this was one of the three dresses I had to have.  Because of the price point the ribs are screened on the sequins and the back is plain fabric, but it is still a great cheap dress.

Vivienne Westwood skeleton earrings

Delphina Delettrez special order skeleton hand bracelet

Low Luv X Erin Wasson bone cross necklace

Givenchy bones leather cuff

I would love to own any of this jewelry, but the Delphina Delettrez skeleton hand bracelet is definitely the statement piece.

And I would KILL for this  Alexander McQueen feather-fringe skull box clutch.  Wouldn't you?

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  1. These are all great, but the definite must-have is the skeleton bracelet, or it was until I looked at the price. HOLY CRAP!