Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revised Candy Jars

This post will probably give you deja-vu, but I wanted to share the subtle but pleasing change to my Halloween candy apothecary jar display:  

The tall jar with the Reeses Pieces was dwindling as people ate them (I swear it was not all me), so I filled it back up, sediment layer style with candy corn, fall M&Ms, and candy pumpkins.  This was a good aversion from eating any candy, as I recently and sadly made the connection that candy corn gives me migraines.   It looks way to cute to ruin mining for Reeses!

The black jellybeans, which remain untouched because they are nasty, got a macabre makeover by adding a few strategically placed chocolate eyeballs.

And last of all my little owl terrarium got another layer of fall M&M's as it was looking a little light.

My apologies for the bad flash (the photos without flash were blurry).  I really need to get an iphone so I can take more professional looking photos -oh the irony!

41 days until Halloween!


  1. Found you on the Halloween Countdown. Your decorations are wicKED!

  2. Thanks! I'm following you too now fellow Halloween freak! ;)