Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Revamped Spooky Halloween Glitter Owls

I had recently thrift-scored these heavy plaster owl bookends at a Goodwill for a few bucks a piece.  Although I like kitsch, I thought they could use a modern makeover before they were suitable for my office.  I initially toyed with the idea of gold, or glossy white.  But with Halloween approaching, I decided that black glitter would be the most fitting finish, that went well with the bright green and orange plastic eyes (which were embedded in the plaster and could not be removed without damaging the owls.)

First I taped off the eyes with Scotch Blue painter's tape, and then sprayed them on cardboard box lids outside, with 2-3 coats of Design Master flat black 725 spray paint from Michaels (which I was told is the best flat black spray paint around and it really did have a nice finish.)

After the paint had dried, which only took about 15 minutes between coats, I was ready to glitter them.  First I sprayed them (again on cardboard box lids outside) with Aleenes Crystal Clear acid free Tacky Spray, rotisserie style, with someone rotating the owl.  I gave the spray 30-60 seconds to get tacky, and then again having the owl rotated, as I evenly poured (not sprinkled) Martha Stewart Crafts Onyx Glitter covering all surfaces.  After the sides were covered the owl could be set down and the same could be done to the top, spraying the top of the owls head and applying glitter. I then let the owls dry overnight. 

After 24 hours I was ready to spray a clear sealer coat to keep the owls from "shedding" their glitter, which I also let dry for another 24 hours.  I cannot remember what I used, but always test any sealer to make sure it doesn't alter the color of what you are spraying, as even some marked "clear" can give a milky look to the finished product.  The next day I was ready to peel off the tape to reveal the eyes, and I gave them a quick once over with a blow dryer to remove any loose glitter before displaying them in my home.

Paired with the candy filled apothecary jars, a favorite way of mine to decorate seasonally, and some matching cutout glittered candelabras from the dollar section of Target, it made for a whimsical Gothic Halloween display.  I might just keep it up up year round, as my office has kind of a Gothic-whimsy look to it anyways.  I also wanted to include a close-up of the center jar, in which I created a Halloween themed terrarium of a small feathered owl sitting in a bare tree.

Happy Halloween, 45 days and counting!

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