Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Decked Out

I finally got my decorations up...

Although I could have probably easily made these silhouettes myself, they were at the Dollar Tree for a mere dollar per package, and so I purchased two packages of bats, one of the rats, and one of the owls. The bat cutouts were a little primitive, however the rat and owl cutouts were very well done.  I folded the bat cutouts for a three dimensional effect.  The rats and owls, I have placed all over the house randomly and I think the effect is very cute.  For someone with children it would be a fun activity for them to try to find all of them!

There is no difference with the candy display from previous years.  I have a secret- the black jelly beans and eyeball candy is from last year!  I zip locked it and saved it, because first of all, nobody eats black jelly beans, and second of all those black Jelly Belly's were around $12.00 for that amount.  It seemed like a waste to throw it away.  Hard candies keep well, so I think it's fine as it's only for display.  The owl bookends were a DIY project from last year.

It's easy to decorate in my office, as it is decorated year round in a style I've dubbed "whimsical gothic dollhouse", the black furniture, gothic ornamental frame, and Louis ghost chairs are permanent fixtures in this room, and blend seamlessly with the added Halloween decor each fall.  The rest of our Mediterranean home can be a bit of a challenge to decorate.  Ah, to live in a classic victorian home... one can dream!  Or as Homer Simpson said on one of the Treehouse of Terror Simpsons episodes,

"Halloween: the time of year where the squalor of or home works to our advantage"

I picked up these mercury glass pumpkins and skull at Kohls.  The skull has a very cool transparent quality that could not be photographed.

This coffee table arrangement pretty much remains unchanged as well.  The candles are a real wax remote controlled set from Costco.  The remote control feature is great.  The antique "urn" is a antique vase we have, and I use any Halloween-ish literature as decor as well.  Another example of "green Halloween"- using found objects, things you already own that aren't necessarily Halloween decor to decorate.

Basil Gogos is a brilliant painter.  I also have a Taschen book of all of his early mens adventure pulp magazine covers and works.  I think I might have to scan and copy some of the famous movie monster portraits in this book and put them in some ornate black gothic frames for some new Halloween decorations sometime.  I love his use of color!

Another less pretty, more accessable candy jar to keep those with sweet-tooths from destroying my lovely office display.  When I have children I won't be able to be compulsive about such things.

I found these damask spider print guest towels at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and the rectangular skull damask plate and round skull dish are from Target last year.  I had intended to purchase some black tar soap for the soap dish, but forgot-whatever.

A seasonal glow-in-the-dark Wallflowers oil plug in from Bath and Body Works.

The ghost and spider damask print hand towels are also from Jo-Anns.

Excuse my reflection.  I am not a vampire.

This owl cutout is dwarfed in our huge stairwell landing window, but I kind of like the effect.

The kitchen countertop is a fitting place for these poision potion bottles.

I love how these salad servers appear as if something is trying to get out of the container.

Some of the Halloween kitchen towels can be pretty childish and a bit too (candy) corny for my taste, but I love the subtle haunted house motif on this one.

Because we aren't throwing a party I didn't get out the Halloween linens and placemats, and kept the dining room table clean and simple this year.  I saw an adorable jack o' lantern damask print tablecloth at Target, but alas it was too short at 104 inches.  They need to make Halloween tablecloths longer, after all isn't an ultra long dining table more gothic and Halloween like?

It appears a rat has gotten into the dog food.

A halloween welcome that is lit up at night.

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