Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors


I was at the Do-It Center the other day and saw these little venus fly trap plants at the register which inspired me.  I returned the next day and purchased one along with the little pot and a bag of peet moss planting soil.  I purchased the cloche terrarium and the 9" bronze ornamental hurricane plate (with a felted bottom) at Cost Plus World Market.  The grimy looking little skulls were a bag of beads in the Halloween offerings at Michael's.

I named him Seymour and I added him to my victorian gothic coffee table arrangement.

The skulls give it a humorous man-eating plant look.

The pot had the perfect slate like finish for writing the latin name, dionea muscipula with chalk.

I love glass cloches because they have a cool victorian botanist laboratory feel. Terrariums are ideal for venus fly traps because wind is their enemy and they like moisture.  You can actually feed them flys and bugs.  I have a window in my home where these stupid bugs keep dying and getting stuck in the screen.  Now I have a use for them!   This plant will remain a fixture in our home year round (given I don't kill it), but also makes a good DIY Halloween decoration project.  You could write "FEED ME!" or "WARNING I EAT SMALL CHILDREN" or whatever you wanted to...

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