Monday, October 8, 2012

Green Halloween: Dumpster dived Halloween tree


More to the story...

There's this thrift store near my gym that throws out old or broken items that don't sell, and the larger items are often left out next to the dumpster.  A few months ago I spotted this Halloween tree and snagged it, my mother-in-law an obliging accomplice.  I don't know how keen she was on the idea of dumpster diving, however she did let me put it in the back of her SUV, and after all, it wasn't actually inside the dumpster.

It sat in her garage for a few months until I retrieved it.  I had purchased some orange christmas lights in the Halloween section at Jo Ann's Fabrics, with the plans to restring it.  I had simply assumed that since it was discarded, the lights must not work.  But before I went to restring it, I plugged it in, and low and behold all the lights worked!  (I kept the lights I purchased because I now have other plans for them, post to follow.)

So to deem this tree decor worthy, I wiped it down with a warm rag first, as it was fairly dusty.  I then gave it a once over with a can of Lysol disinfectant spray to ward off the possibility of contamination from it's proximity to the dumpster.  Last I added these two Dollar Tree crows, securing them with the wires coming out of their feet.  Ta-dah!

I'm thinking of going back to the dollar store and added several more crows.  What do you think?
Also what are your thoughts on dumpster diving, nay or yay?  Green or gross?

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