Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Subtle Touches of Fall

For a die hard Halloween fanatic, I am late with putting out my Halloween decorations, being that I haven't done so and it's ALREADY October 2nd.  The work on my costume, which is still not complete, has put some of my other Halloween related plans on the back burner.  I'm okay with that because as much as I love Halloween, I have found that getting out my decorations at the beginning of the month, or even as over zealous as the end of September, I sometimes tire of the extra "clutter" around the house before the 31st has even arrived.  Also, as I like to decorate with candy filled apothecary jars, it can be hard on my willpower, and expensive as I continually have to purchase refills. In addition, last year I had my calendar so full with events, I felt burned out come November and in need of a serious candy/alcohol detox.  Basically, what I'm asserting, is that this year I've made a conscious decision to take it a bit slower, and savor the month not worrying about doing everything all at once.  I'm leaving the big events as a finale, and staying in to do my Halloween DIY projects (and get those posts and the decorations up), enjoy the premieres of my favorite horror genre shows and what not.

Here are a few of the things I'm currently surrounding myself with to get in the Fall/Halloween spirit:

A pre-workout worthy carby breakfast of limited edition Pumpkin Spice Thomas's Bagel Thins, with The Laughing Cow cream cheese spread and sprinkled cinnamon, to ward off cravings for 300 calorie Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes.

A cute new owl Bath & Body Works Wallflowers oil plug-in with Carmel Pumpkin Latte scented oil to reinitiate the 300 calorie Starbucks Pumpkin Latte cravings.

Trading in our summer white bedding for this cute fall-ish, whimsical, oversized damask-like print, with woodpeckers, owls, bunnies, and foxes by Patch NYC for Target's The Shops.

Utilizing a punch bowl and some of my other thrifted orange opalescent carnival glass pieces with fall leave motifs, as fruit bowls.

A divinely scented carmel apple candle.

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