Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume: From Concept to Reality

I thought it would be fun to share my original sketch and notes I put down back in October of 2010, and below (again) is the final result.  I had a very strong vision on paper, and in my mind as well, however I still surprised myself at my ability to execute exactly (give or take a few details) what I set out to do.  Maybe a career in costuming is in my future?  Who knows...

I am missing out on West Hollywood's Costume Parade tonight, but honestly I'm ok with curling up and watching American Horror Story with my dogs.  I have plans to do a real photo shoot with a friend in the costume at some time, so I can have some really good artistic photos... I'm sure I'll share them when I do.  

Happy Halloween everyone- stay safe out there!  Don't have sex, don't open that door to the basement, don't go into the woods alone at night, and don't ever investigate a strange sound.  Oh and don't forget to brush your teeth, but keep in mind rule #3: beware of bathrooms!