Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costume Reveal: Demon Doll

I'm a demon that steals the souls of children and traps them in dolls.  But if you have less imagination than me than I'm just a freaky doll.

More pictures and narration...

So on Saturday night my sister (who was visiting from Portland) and I went to Bootie LA at the Echoplex.  We were invited by my amazing friend Katie who dances with R.A.I.D.  We danced all night and had a total blast!  There was a Halloween costume contest in three categories: Scariest, Sluttiest, and Best Overall with $200 cash prizes.  I thought I was a shoe-in for scariest and was hoping to win because it would pay for part of our cab ride. However I lost to a guy that was wearing this baby mask and a cheap black judge's gown.  What.  The.  Fuck.  I swear I got more cheers.  Can you believe it!!?  I regretted not wearing my mask (last photo below) but I left it at home because I felt like it was redundant.  Everyone said I was robbed. :(

You can't see the detail of the tights, but they were a fishnet and floral lace design, and I cut holes in them to for the distressed vintage look.

I did both my sister's and my own makeup.  We both have contacts in, which is why we had to take a cab.   Also it was difficult to sit in the corset ( I practically passed out on the cab ride there, I can't believe women used to wear corsets daily.)  And obviously the 7" ballet shoes were not ideal for driving either.   

Above is a well lit photo of the costume on my dress form.  This was taken before completion, so it has a few less heads and hands on it.  I ordered the corset from Frederick's of Hollywood, and the layered  petticoats from Sock Dreams.  The cirque neck ruffle, I purchased from Tallulah Blue on Etsy. She also made a custom order of the cuffs to match, which I paired with lace fingerless gloves.  I stitched the two inner-most ruffles together every few inches which gave a pretty look to the ruffle, but then it lost it's volume.  I needed to starch it but I ran out of time.  Two different trims were sewn to the corset, as well as the doll parts and everything was tea dyed to match and for a more vintage look.

I ordered the little hat on Etsy from Squirlgirll Millinery Supplies, and fashioned the ribbon and feather trimmings myself, then secured it at a tilted angle to a ivory satin headband with both hot glue and thread.

Again, the close-ups of the dismembered and hand painted doll parts.

The Jeffrey Campbell and Wildfox Couture ballet platforms (from Dolls Kill- fitting, lol) were white and I hand dyed them with a Rit formula of tan and petal pink combined.  They came in pink as well, but it was the wrong shade, too cotton candy, and I wanted a paler true ballet pink.  It was a little nerve wracking dying expensive shoes for fear I would ruin them.  I wanted them to match, but went with ballet pink over a dingy tea dye, so I could wear them again, not in costume.  I bought satin ribbon which I also dyed so I could have longer lacing than what came with the shoes.

They shoes were actually very comfortable since they were basically flat forms, and they weren't that hard to dance in, but they could be ankle breakers with one false move.  After the contest I got split up from my sister, so I was excited to see her and rushed over to show her my consolation prize and... I went down.  In front of people.  Katie said like ten, but my sister said more like thirty.  The good news was I only bruised my ego, and five minutes later I'm sure everyone forgot about it.  At least it wasn't on stage in front of a hundred people.

I should have worn my mask, it was scarier that way... but the makeup was too cool to cover up!  I'm not sure if I'm dressing up on Wednesday.  I want to, but am trying to solidify some plans.

Anyways Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm so totally screwed to come up with something to top this next year.  Maybe I'll just pull a repeat?


  1. You WERE robbed!! That is seriously such an amazing costume that you put so much hard work into. :{

    On the plus looked killer!!!

  2. You look fabulous and put so much time into getting the look you wanted, I'm sure you and your friends had a wonderful Halloween, Best wishes, Sue AKA Talulahblue

  3. I am BLOWN AWAY by your costume! That was a lot of hard work...can't believe you didn't win. You should definitely wear it again; it's too awesome not to.