Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunscreen for the Makeup Wearer

     One of the things that annoys me about sunscreen advice in beauty magazines is the fact that they seem to totally ignore the fact that a lot of women wear makeup.  They advise if you are outdoors for several hours, to reapply sunscreen regularly, which is fine and dandy if you are working out makeup-free, or at the beach with a bare face.  However if you are looking cute on a picnic date, or scouring the Rose Bowl for treasures, you can't exactly slather on a fresh layer of sunscreen over a made up face.  That's why I was thrilled when I discovered Colorescience sunforgettable SPF 30 sun protection, which you apply like a mineral powder.  It covers and protects without working like a makeup remover, and combats shine on a hot day.

Here is my makeup friendly sunscreen routine:

1. Apply Colorescience primer sunreliable SPF 20.  This primer brightens your skin, and smooths out any fine lines and wrinkles before makeup application, in addition to providing SPF sun protection.  In fact, it actually makes your skin look so good you could go totally makeup free.  On "no makeup" days I actually use just 1 and 4 together.

2. Moisturize lips and protect with Nivea a kiss of moisture SPF 4 lip care.  This is THE best "chapstick" formula ever.  My husband came back from Germany with a chapstick called Labello which was to die for and impossible to find outside of Germany.  I then read that Nivea was the same company, and upon trying the Nivea stick found that it was the exact same product.  It's smooth and non waxy, and really sinks in and moisturizes.

3. Apply id Bare Minerals.  It's my foundation of choice because it contains SPF 15, doesn't clog pores or contain talc, it's quick to apply, and I've found it's ability to even out my skin tone unbeatable.  Continue with whatever else your makeup routine entails, shadow, liner, mascara, etc.

4. Dust a layer of Colorescience sunforgettable SPF 30 sun protection all over your face, especially focusing on nose, cheeks, and forehead.  Stash in your purse along with the Nivea chapstick and reapply later as needed.

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