Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Luxury Laundry Room

Now that I've finally received the fashionable washer and dryer I've been pining after, I can complete my plans for our laundry room.  I had been thinking about fixing up this room for a while, since "designer laundry rooms" have come into vogue (drool) in the world of home decorating, and because it is a relatively small, easy, and affordable room (appliances aside) to tackle.

Here is a little visual wish list I put together:

  1. A vintage Lux laundry detergent poster is a fun laundry-themed art choice, which also bears the bonus of my family name.
  2. I've been wanting one of these rolling library stools forever.  They are super sturdy and better than those folding styles in my opinion. I love the classic retro design, and remember these being at the public library when I was a child... ah nostalgia!  They come in red, but because it lacks the same car paint sheen as my washer/dryer, I think I'd pick the stainless steel instead.
  3. I absolutely NEED this wall shelf/cubby/coat rack.  Perfect for hanging coats, purses, and dog leashes, which typically pile up on our built in kitchen desk area.  Our laundry room is located between our garage and kitchen, so it also serves as our back entryway.  I originally was wanting this, but I don't think our laundry room is wide enough for it.  This is also a cute option, but we don't really need it, as I already have an accordion drying rack mounted over our utility sink (for drip purposes).  It also only comes in white, not that you couldn't paint it.
  4. New red laundry baskets.  These have proved difficult to locate, the ones in the photo were sold out and from a UK retailer.  I guess I'll have to check the 99 Cents Stores.
  5. I want some of these candy store style jars to put on the shelf or in the cubbies and fill with dog treats.  The laundry room is also the dogs dining room, where we keep their place mats, water bowls and food dishes on the floor.
One of the ideas that are swimming around in my head are making two of these DIY clothespin chandeliers.  We have two recessed canned lights in out laundry room, but I did determine that we would have to move the location of them out slightly, as they are currently in the path of opening cupboard doors should we hang chandeliers.  Another thought is getting some of these to fill with HE powder detergent and a scoop.  I love the look, but I'm not entirely sure it would be practical really.  There really is no need for any of the supplies to be kept out.  Our laundry room has tons of storage, one wall with floor to ceiling cabinets, a pantry of sorts which house supplies from Costco, and seasonal decorating crap, like all my various vases and apothecary jars when I'm not using them.  There is also built in drop down ironing board on one wall.  Then there is upper cabinets across the wall with the utility sink and the washer/dryer, as well as a cupboard below the utility sink.  It's actually nice to have all that hidden storage, but not when you want to display some of the items stylishly.  Perhaps I could remove the doors off the center cabinet, or put glass doors on it to display the laundry soap.  Lastly we have a Sparkletts water cooler in there, and though I previously passed on the stainless steel stand for a few dollars more a month, with our new appliances I'm considering the frivolous stylish upgrade!

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  1. Sarah you can get things painted with tat car paint sheen. To match you washer dryer even. I think that it may cost a bit more than you want to spend though- I just know that Doug's Ex had our old lake house and Annie and Jeff's house in Lake Oswego's cabinets painted with car paint- and it was fabulous- the paint there was not high gloss, but the quality could not be beat- it wiped off so nicely and repelled dirt and dust- mmmm really great.